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This site requires Microsoft Silverlight version 2.0 or higher(we recommend version 3.0) to watch video content. If you do not currently have Silverlight installed in your computer, click here to download and install it. This link will take you to Microsoft Media site where Silverlight can be downloaded at no charge. If you are on the corporate network, you might want to consult your network administrator if: (a) you are not able to download and install software on your computer, or (b) if you are having problems viewing media (constant buffering, or can’t view media at all.

Videos are presented in broadband (500Kbs) at 1024x768 screen resolution. We recommend a PC with monitor screen resolution of 1024x768 minimum, Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.0, Firefox 2 or Safari 3 or higher and a high-speed (broadband) Internet connection such as DSL, Cable, T-1 or better for the best viewing experience.

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